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Affinity Printworks and Signpro Brentwood Vehicle Wrap / Partial Wrap / Vehicle Graphics Contract



Design - Creative design is the property of Affinity Printworks or Signpro Brentwood and cannot be used, reproduced or distributed in any way without expressed written permission.  Client retains ownership of logo, trademarks, slogans, etc. used within. While basic wrap design is included in our pricing, any additional custom elements or characters created for your wrap will incur additional fees or a non-refundable design deposit.


Client Supplied Design - While we will do our best to make customer supplied designs work, we are not responsible for layout location of said designs.  We employ a staff of graphic designers who can work with a customer’s in-house designer to ensure accuracy in layout and designs. Depending on the scope of work or time spent on customer supplied designs, additional fees may apply.


Color Matching - Not all Pantone or PMS colors can exactly be duplicated by digital printing.  We will do our best to match any specific color requests. Should you require a printed proof prior to printing, please notify us & we will arrange for a proof to be provided.  


Proofing - Before any printing, you will have to approve either a digital or hard proof.  You are responsible for any spelling, grammatical errors, number errors, etc.  Please check these items carefully.  We will NOT print until we have your approval via email.


Installation -

A. Vehicle wrap is designed on a 2 dimensional template.  Since we are printing and installing on a 3 dimensional surface, small variations from proof are normal.  This is due to compound curves, indents, recesses, body lines, rivets, etc. of the vehicle. There may be the original color of the vehicle visible between body panels, lights, door handles, and design features of the body.

 B. Seams & Overlaps - Wraps are printed on 54” wide material.  Since most vehicles are larger than 54”, seems and overlaps will be necessary.  This is a normal part of the wrap process and not every panel will line up perfectly. We try our best to obtain perfect matches, but keep in mind that wraps are designed to be viewed from a distance and small misalignment will not take a way from the total experience and visual impact.


Cancellation - Cancellations or requests to reschedule installation appointments without 24 hours notice prior to set dates can result in a $250.00 fee. We set specific time slots for installations and cancellations can affect our production and installation times for other customers. We will not accept cancellations after we have ordered material or started production. We will notify you 1 business day before we start production.


Vehicle Preparation - The customer is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is “street clean.” We recommend washing the vehicle one day prior to installation.  Please make sure there is no wax or sealers used after this wash.  A simple solution of water and dawn dish soap is recommended.  If car has not been washed, a $75.00 wash fee will apply, and delivery time/day may be affected.


Vehicle Drop-Off - We prefer the vehicle to be dropped off the evening prior to installation, before closing.  This will give the vehicle proper time to 1) acclimate to the inside temperature of our installation facility and 2) dry from inclement weather. By signing this contract you release Affinity Printworks, Signpro Brentwood, employees and owner of Affinity Printworks and Signpro Brentwood from any and all liability from all and any theft, damage, unforeseen circumstance, related to your vehicle, equipment, personal items, tools, etc. located on or in your vehicle.


Vehicle Pick Up - The customer will be notified one hour prior to the completion of the vehicle wrap job. Should the customer be unable to pick up the vehicle same day, please let our staff know at that time, and arrangements will be made to hold the vehicle until the agreed upon day. If we have another wrap scheduled that overlaps the time that we are holding your vehicle, we cannot guarantee that there will be space in our warehouse to store your project inside overnight. Any vehicle not picked up within 24 hours of job completion (or the agreed upon pick up day,) will incur a fee of $50.00 per day until the vehicle is picked up.


Payment - For all services rendered, Payment in full is required (for any invoice under $5000.00) before any production is started or material is ordered.  You may be required to pay a non-refundable design deposit of $350.00 (deducted from the total invoice amount) depending on the complexity of your vision for your vehicle. For multi vehicle, fleets, or invoices over $5000.00 other arrangements can be made, such as per vehicle payments or percentage payments. All of our products are custom and specific to your project, therefore all sales are final.


Warranty - All of our wraps are covered by a 1 year installation warranty. We will repair and replace up to 1 year after the installation date at no installation charge. We will not replace an entire wrap under warranty due to a few failed items. Material, however, is not covered. It will be the responsibility of the customer to pay for any materials needed to make the repairs or replacements. This warranty material will be provided at cost, not at full retail.


Wrap Care - Your vehicle wrap is not permanent! Our vinyl is expected to be on vehicles for 3-5 years. However, once we have installed, the rest is up to you. We recommend our wraps are washed at least once every other week. This will help prevent the vinyl from drying out which leads to wrap film failure. We also recommend you coat the wrap in a non-abrasive spray wax. This will serve as an extra layer of defense from dehydration. If you comply with these requests your vehicle wrap could even surpass the 5-7 year material and ink lifespan. Please note if your wrap starts to fail prematurely, if warranty still covers, we will inspect the vehicle to make sure proper care has been given. If this is indeed the case, we will fix the failure as soon as possible.


Additional and Repeat Information - Not all wraps are created equal. While we guarantee to giving our best effort on every job, minor wrinkles/bubbles are to be expected. Most wrinkles and bubbles will dissipate within a few days after the film has been fully set. Also note that bigger vehicles are installed in panels. Due to some pesky body lines and rounded corners, such as where the rear meets the side of the vehicle, not every panel will be perfectly lined up. As stated, although we try our best, not everything can be perfect. After time you may notice certain valleys in the vehicles body may have the vinyl raised, creating what we refer to as a tent effect. If you see this or anything peeling off, please do not attempt to fix this on your own. Notify us, and we will happily fix these issues professionally.


We know that vehicle wraps can be a high initial investment for any business, and we do offer financing through our credit processor, Square. If you are interested in our financing options, please ask one of our specialists to send you a link to our Square Installments page.

The undersigned, being an authorized representative of the company named on this form, hereby acknowledges that they have read & understood the terms set forth in the Affinity Printworks and Signpro Brentwood Vehicle Wrap Contract & agree to adhere to the terms set forth. Affinity Printworks and Signpro Brentwood may also use your project in social media posts, advertising, and promotional content.

Accepting these terms does not establish conclusively in working with Affinity Printworks or Signpro Brentwood - this is only a requirement to move forward with design and/or invoicing.

Click here to download a copy of the Wrap Contract for your records.

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